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Optical flow and other "fake slow motion" tricks


I just realized that you don't need to buy any expensive plugins to generate missing frames to rise your frame rate in editing. Premier pro has this tool called optical flow that does just that. Here is example video that I made the first clips of each slow motion sequence are played out around 12.5 fps and the software generates every other frame to make that smooth 25 fps

I did also same trickery for some 500 fps footage out from 4k phantom camera and if you use 50% speed for the footage, have around 90 degree or faster shutter and simple background it seems to be working really well!

I think I try next to use this same tool for something like 15 000 fps chronos footage and try to make it 30 000 - 40 000 fps footage.

Final Cut has an even better tool, which does that exact thing even better.
But unless you are planing to switch to MAC OS anyways, its propably not worth it for multiple reasons...
As you said, most of those Tools give best results with idealy Single-Color backgrounds and Fast Shutterspeeds like 90 or 45 or even more.
I got quite solid results interpolating the original footage to up to 4x the original framerate. So like 480fps from 120fps footage. Sometimes you could push it even further.
Since you have multiple chronos around, did you ever think of building an mirror-Rig to double your Framerate?
Someting Like this:
The big advantage the chronos has over someting like the Gopro, that you could trigger it way more accurately in time, so you wont have all that jittering and jumping around in time like with an Gopro. All the shots which where Smooth were basicaly luck, the creator of the video said.
Its basicaly just a Half-Mirror and you film the same exact thing twice with those cameras, but with a shift in time of half a Frame. (Make Sure to use Exact same Settings, same Zoom, same Focus and so on). So Cam A records Its Footage and Cam B records the Frames in between those Frames from Camera A.
"Simpe" way to double your Framerate if you happen to own a spare Chronos (like you) xD
If done Properly it is just as good quality as filmed by a single camera.
Best thing is, if you want to go totaly crazy with this, you could still use Optical flow or Twixtor and alike with this method and get even faster (fake) Framerates.

That sounds neat as heck! Do you recommend Final Cut to newbies like me, Nikon1? Keeping in mind that I'm willing to learn, just don't have a ton of time on my hands.


--- Quote from: Melrose on January 28, 2019, 04:10:08 AM ---That sounds neat as heck! Do you recommend Final Cut to newbies like me, Nikon1? Keeping in mind that I'm willing to learn, just don't have a ton of time on my hands.

--- End quote ---
while you get the best looking results in Most situations with the Twixtor Plugin (Which i Use in After-Effects, but can be used in Premiere Pro and some other programs), FinalCut should be somewhat easier to use than something like After Effects. Software which is primarily meant to only Cut Footage and do some Basic editing/effects, like Final Cut and Premiere is propably the easiest to use for someone who just starts up and doesnt want to spend a ton of time with it.
But be warned, Both (all) of those have somewhat of a learning-curve to them! But once you figured out how the whole video-Editing-Think works, its not too difficult to swich between them, since most of those Programs have very similar functions, but the Buttons, User-Interface, and General Concept of The Software is sometimes a bit different. Which one you choose is for the Most part just personal preference for everyone. I for myself Like Adobe AfterEffects the Best and use it for about everything, even just Cuting Some Footage together, but its propably not an easy start if you dont plan on doing heavy editing on your stuff like Background Replacement, Masking, keying and more advanced Animation somewhere in your foreseeable future.
The Main Disadvantage of FinalCut and Motion is, that it will only run on MacOS! That means, if you want to use FinalCut, and dont allready own an Apple-PC, you need to buy one or set up some Kind of Hackintosh...
If you allready have a Mac, some older Versions of FinalCut and Motion can be had for quite Cheap. (Like Really cheap, around 20 or even Less sometimes, where i Live)
On the other hand, you could use Premiere Pro from the Free Adobe CS2 and the free trial version of Twixtor (yes, it will work with CS2!) and dont even need to spend any money. Twixtor is an seriously Expensive Plugin, but if you use it for personal Projects only, its best to find a Way to remove the Watermark on the Free version (its not that difficult... PM me, if interrested.), for Serious Work i would Strongly reccomend you to get the Payed Version without the Watermark, if you want to go with Twixtor (just renders sooo much faster).
Here is the Best video on the topic, that i found up to this date:
Use whatever works best for You!
Still not quite Sure, what to reccomend for you...
But i would say, stay with software for Video Cut, that means Premiere Pro and Final Cut if possible, unless you really need to use something else for reasons.
If you dont anyways own an Mac, i would say, save yourself some Trouble and use Premiere and Try the Free Twixtor -Trial-Version with it.


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