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I think they should regret, that they missed showing the Phantom lift by the Phantom.  ;)


--- Quote from: MarcinS on January 25, 2019, 04:07:20 PM ---I think they should regret, that they missed showing the Phantom lift by the Phantom.  ;)

--- End quote ---
:) Sure!
I think you would be able to Lift someting like a Chronos, including your Sketchy Router-Setup :), with some Way smaller and way more affordable Drohne.
What they had there was some serious Drohne for all that weight.
Those Big Phantom-Flex-Camera are Huge and should be quite painfully heavy for someting that should Fly. (too Lazy to look up the exact weight of the Cameras they used for that). Chronos is much lighter and Smaller
But i still heavily doubt, that you could lift / savely operate in the air, a Chronos (including an Gimbal and all the other crazy Stuff you might want to put on / around it) with Standard DJI-Phantom.

okay honestly it freaks me out how well they have developed the technology already. I still think of the tapes and floppy discs we grew up with and am stunned by the new smartphones and little kids want drones for their birthdays. I honestly thing that drones should not be used as a piece of military equipment but honestly pretty much everything that we invent gets militarized. I have been noticing more and more drones flying across the city though. The other day I was talking with my brother in law and he told me that he was actually looking at different drone models to buy fro both himself and for his son. I was surprised but agreed to help since I wanted to make sure he did not overspend (I am the smart one when it comes to money in the family). I asked him if he had the list narrowed down and he told me that he was using this blog called as reference. I was a little skeptical but the information there was actually useful and we managed to find a model that worked for both him and his son. I can only imagine what they are going to do to it come February and my nephews birthday, haha. Honestly wish us luck


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