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NTH: Record Button action


Hi there,

After playing a bit with the camera for bow analysis, I think there should be two more Nice to Have:

1) A "I know what i do, let me shoot my feets" option to forbid the "You have not saved the record, do you want to record anyway" panel that requires a "OK": Very uneasy to see and to act upon when your two hands are busy carrying the camera in uncomfortable position (let alone when you can't see the screen). With that option, recording should proceed without question.

2) Two different actions to start and stop recording (Long-press to start, short to stop or record while pressed, stop at release, or record on jogwheel press, stop on record button, etc...)... under sunny, hot and stressful situation, it happens you are not able to remember or easily view if recording is on or off and if you will kill or miss the recording. Having two actions makes sure that redundant start or stop will have the proper result (keeping on or stopping).

PS: I second the idea of using the jogwheel to set the exposure time.



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