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I just ordered my camera today & can't wait to start playing. I'm wondering what video editing software people are using. I've had a GoPro for a few years & have been using PowerDirector with satisfactory results (I'm a PC guy, not Apple).
Now that I'm going from regular speed & time lapse videos to radically slowing things down I wonder if different editing software might be necessary for optimal results.  The camera will not be used commercially, its just for fun. Are video editing software packages generally good or bad across all types of filming or are some better at say time lapse than high speed while others are better at high speed than time lapse?

You might take a look at this topic:

Thanks for the info NiNeff, lots of software suggestions in that topic. 
I'm not necessarily looking for free software, after all we know what these cameras cost, what's a few more bucks.
Is anybody out there using PowerDirector?

I guess you found already what you were looking for. There are a lot of video editing software options out there.

I would love to take a look at the videos you created. I find people who have the ability to film high-quality videos to be very talented. Editing has never been one of my strengths, unfortunately. Having a lot of editing video software options has become something casual, and this is a natural result of the overall technological development. I have never tried GoPro, but I've read some good reviews about it. Therefore, feel free to try and use it. I'm looking for a template design editor. The best part of having an editor is that you can save a lot of time and effort when creating a project.


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