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Which cheap Amazon LED's are recommended?

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Hey David!

Camera looks awesome. I'm about to order a few LED panels for filming high speed. The NEEWER panels look decent. Is there a problem using these (with a dc power source) shooting at 1,000-10,000fps on Chronos?
Any other recommendations?

Just had a look at a few product specs for the Neewer lights and they all seem to say "constant current drive" which should work with high speed filming. Most (if not all) lights designed for video should use constant current; most LED flashlights/torches have moved from PWM to constant current, so the chips and designs are cheap and plentiful now.

I'm going DIY for starters. I already have rolls of cheap LED light strips (usually around $5-10 for 5m) just need to connect them to 12V, good for flood or fill lighting. Otherwise I'm just going outside, get plenty of sunlight where I live, even during the cold months. Simple just to place a few reflective panels around to concentrate the light if necessary.

You need to make sure the LED's power supply has enough filtering on the output, and that the driver is not overloaded. Some crappy leds will flicker at full power due to the leds discharging the caps before the next fill from the ac input.
I've seen some leds with no drivers and they look horrendous.


Or they will use PWM to dim which sucks too


Is your application strictly for mobile use?

If not and you have access to power outlets where you intend to film, I can recommend halogen work lights. They're cheap, very bright and most importantly, they don't flicker on high speed video despite running on AC.

The only downside is they produce a lot of heat, I usually turn them off between shots if I can.



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