Author Topic: Camera Body Modifications and Warranty  (Read 1377 times)


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Camera Body Modifications and Warranty
« on: January 01, 2020, 03:10:36 AM »
Question mainly to the Krontech staff:
i just asked myself, how far could i Modify an Chronos Camera body while still not loosing Warranty?
Since it will not void any Warranty if i Open the Camera for example to change RAM, would it be included in Warranty if i just remove the Aluminium Shell of the Camera Completely and build my own?
For Example if i wanted A Tilting Screen for Weird Perspetives and Such.
I mean all of course while not doing any changes to the Electronics inside at all, just a Proper Rehousing of the Mainboard and Display.
I heard somewhere, that if a User Changes RAM Configuration on his camera, in Case of Warranty, the Camera needs to be sent in with the Exact RAM Configuration and Also Same RAM Stick, which it came With.
I highly guess for something like this, this would also apply?
That means Still Keeping the Original Housing, and in the Event of an Warranty Case, i would need to put it Back in The Original Housing bevore Shiping.
I Also asked myself, if one could extend Warranty after Purchase?
For example, if i buy an Camera with 1 Year Warranty but after a Half year of using it, i figure, that it would be an Good Idea to have 2 More Years of Warranty, can i extend it?
Thanks in Advance.