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We're happy to announce a new release of software for both the Chronos 1.4 and 2.1 cameras. This version builds on what was offered in V0.4.0.

I've attached the PDF of official release notes and upgrade instructions, but I'll reiterate them in this post as well. We'd be happy to hear about your experiences with this new version if you have a chance to update!

New Features and Improvements
● New Graphical User Interface with Dark and Light Modes
● Ability to set preferred exposure units on the main screen
● Double-tap video display area to zoom
● Ability to record live footage to H.264 mp4 @ 60 FPS in parallel with high-speed
recordings, including audio from the built-in microphone or line-in jack
● Automatic input detection and switching between the microphone and line-in jack
when recording audio in Live Record Mode
● Toggle Trigger Mode to allow BNC trigger to both START and STOP a recording
● Ability to configure most camera settings via the web page
● Ability to configure Triggers and I/O configuration via the web page
● Power Manager firmware update allowing for a longer button press (up to 3 sec.) to
boot the camera
● Power Manager firmware update to perform graceful shutdown when the battery is
critically low

Known Issues
● If the camera is being controlled via the web page, no messages will be shown on the
back-of-camera display if the video output mode is changed between
LIVE/RECORDING and PLAYBACK through the web interface.
● If the camera is powered on while connected to 10/100 (non-gigabit) network
equipment, the back-of-camera display will fail to start.
● When using Live Record Mode to simultaneously record 60 FPS MP4 footage to an
external storage device, the video display may momentarily blank or freeze while the
stream is being written to the storage device. This will not affect the high-speed

Updating Your Camera
There are two methods to update to Version 0.5.0. Please make sure to backup your work and calibration data prior to this.
1. [0.4.0 and later] Go to Util -> Storage -> Apply Software Update.
2. [0.3.2p2 and before] Re-flash your OS card by grabbing the image at: Please see the attached PDF for more details on this.

Huge thanks for the 60fps continous recording with audio!Will this come Pre-Installed on the new 2.1 Chonos Cameras which are preordered?

These things sound awesome!
Cant wait to test them this weekend!

Any time frame on enabling the audio trigger for things like gun shots etc?

Or auto triggers... based on changes in pixels on screen?


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