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PPS Timestamp input
« on: February 09, 2022, 11:16:48 AM »
Hello,  I am wondering if there could be possible to process the PPS signal to get accurate timestamping of video frames. 
The idea is to combine the PPS signal with system time (synchronized by NTP) to get the accurate time of every video frame.

I hope that it could be an alternative to time tagging relative to the trigger.  The trigger-based time tagging has an issue that the exact time of trigger start must be known.  Therefore the control by API is not possible, because it has an unknown delay to start recording.  Accurate system time solves that, because even in case the start of video recording is unknown, the whole video shoot could be precisely aligned to data measured by other instruments based on the absolute timestamp.

I need it to study lightning where multiple cameras should be triggered on the same lightning event. Unfortunately, the multiple cameras are spread over a range of more than 15km, therefore it is not possible to trigger it by a single coaxial cable. I am only able to connect the cameras to the single ethernet-based network with relatively low latency.