Author Topic: Chronos 2.1-HD feeling of using  (Read 12437 times)

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Chronos 2.1-HD feeling of using
« on: December 25, 2020, 12:30:46 PM »
I got the camera in September and have shot thousands of works now. Let me summarize my feelings 1. We used a professional film light meter to measure the brightness. When the brightness reaches 8500-9500k, there is little color difference (this requires a lot of The light canít be achieved by ordinary shooting lights) 2. In the shooting, the black part of the screen has uniform stripes. There is no way to solve the trouble. Can you know the answer? 3. This camera often shows video loss, for example, I shot 100 There will be 5-10 missing videos in each video. There is no way to solve this. 4. In cold weather, for example, the display screen will have ghost images below 0 degrees. There is no way to solve this. 5. Lens problem It is difficult for ordinary lenses to have good imaging. It's all because the aperture is not enough. I use 1.8 fixed focus, but all need to be 8500-9500k. If you use 2.8 or lower, the light you need will exceed ten thousand. 6. The machine can't control the colorful objects basically. Relying on post-coloring, the processing time is longer. The original film will appear similar to the picture. There is a layer of black and transparent 30% of the layer. 7. There is one last problem. The color of the display screen and the color of the film are really different. I changed After the Astro Boy 4k monitor, it is the same, so there is no way but experience 8. The machine does not know why the metal shell leaks seriously if it is directly charged and used