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Hey everyone,

We're happy to announce a new release of software for both the Chronos 1.4 and 2.1 cameras. This version should especially be helpful to Chronos 2.1 owners, as our engineering team has spent even more time improving image quality and attempting to reduce vertical banding.

Something that's a bit different for this update is that you'll need to create an sd card image. We're having some issues with the package server, so the Util->Storage->Apply Software Update via network will not work for this update, but I still wanted everyone to have it instead of waiting for me to fix it. I'll come back and post when this update is also available via network update.

See for the update file, checksum, and a PDF of the release notes. Also contained in the PDF are instructions on how to update, and how to calibrate your camera, so hopefully that works as a start-to-finish guide for everyone. Please let me know if anything is unclear.

New Features and Improvements

* Chronos 2.1 models benefit from an improved sensor driver configuration. The analog gain values of the LUX2100 sensor have been modified to reduce noise at higher levels of analog gain (also referred to as ISO), such as 6dB, 12dB, and 18dB. This translates to less vertical banding than in prior software versions. Adequate lighting is still highly recommended.
* Chronos 2.1 models no longer require special factory calibration files. All calibrations required to use the camera with the best possible image quality can be performed by a customer in the field within 5 minutes via the Util -> Factory -> Column Gain Calibration function.
* Chronos 2.1 models benefit from newly generated Color Matrix presets, as found in White Bal -> Color Matrix. Previous software versions had color matrices that were optimal for the LUX1310 sensor in the Chronos 1.4, instead of the LUX2100 sensor found in the Chronos 2.1.

* A list of saved files on external media can now be browsed via Util -> Storage -> List Files. The same functionality exists to make it easier for users to select the save destination in Play -> Settings -> Pick Folder. The file browser also allows for users to delete files on external storage devices. This functionality is mirrored in the web page.

* Monochrome cameras can no longer open Color Matrix settings. This was mistakenly enabled in 0.5.0.

* Frame counts are no longer cut-off on the right-hand side of the display when in the Play screen when frame counts are six-digits long.

Known Issues, Updating, Calibration
Please see the PDF contained in the link above.

Chronos 2.1 Image Quality Change Demo
I've made a short video showing a before (0.5.1) and after (0.6.0) at HD with various analog gain levels. The main thing to note is the banding along the left and right sides of the frames in each shot, especially at 12dB. Please excuse the few spots of dirt on my engineering camera.
Download the video here: (I recommend downloading instead of viewing online because of the compression/loss of detail from streaming)

0.6.0 User Manual
We've also updated our user manual to reflect this update, as well as some general semantics. See:

As always, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] for more urgent support inquiries. Thanks!

"With software version 0.6.0, Kron Technologies is pleased to announce that there are no longerany special factory files that must be generated at our facilities. Both Chronos 1.4 and 2.1models may be fully calibrated by owners within 10-15 minutes."
 "Wait for 15 minutes to let the camera and image sensor reach their operating temperatures, then press ​Yes​. This procedure can be redone at any time via the Util ->Factory screen."
 Very Nice! Thanks for this new Update!

Thanks for this update!!

One question to calibrate the camera - is it necessary to use a lense cap in step 1 too?

i Blocked the Lens while doing that, which worked, not sure about if its nessercary, there is no mention about it in the PDF.

Did a bit of Testing on my 2.1, nothing too Serious or Methodical, just played around a bit without really Recording, Saving, Grading anything (havent touched Gain settings yet, all at 0dB), and for Higher Framerates (250+fps) and Full Resolution/ 720pHD Resolutions there is a Huge Improovement in Image Quality overall and also a LOT less of those Vertical Lines, even in the Really underexposed Areas of Frame (yes, even at the Lower sides.). This however seems to come at the Cost of a bit lower Overall Light Sensitivity, means it feels like it needs more Light now, which is a Fair Price To pay for this Improovement in Image Quality.
 Produces Some Really Nice, even Almost Film-Like Looking Footage (had a Vintage Lens on there, so maybe the overall look of that makes me a bit nostalgic or something, idk....Whatever it is, looks very good)
 But for Lower Framerates (24-250fps) and Lower Resolutions (below 1280px Horizontal Resolution), the Unstable Build and Even the Last Version did a Much better Job. 800x600px just looks Broken, Brightest Spots on the Frame Meassure about 50% on the HDMI-Out, no matter how bright i Expose is, to the Point where its even obviously Clipping. 100fps/ Full Resolution and Below also looks pretty rough, Way more Vertical Banding than ever in the Shadows, Mids And Highlights look OK-ish but also overall way lower sensitivity on those Settings overall.
 In Summary a huge Update, which i will definately use for Full-Resolution/ 720pHD Shooting with 250+fps, but at least for now, i will still use the latest Unstable Build on an Second SD-Card for everything else than that, as its still somehow better for everything except that.
 This Update is a big Step forward for High-Quality Footage on the 2.1, but i Feel it still needs some more Work to make me want to run it as the Only Software Version on there.
 Still need to do further Testing however, maybe this will proove me otherwise.


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