Author Topic: Introducing myself, my plans for my Chronos, and some of my past videos  (Read 6083 times)


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Good day,

It's a little sparse here, so I figure I'dd add some more content to this section of the forums.

I have been interested in high speed video for a long time. When buying my first camera of my own, that wasn't from the clearance section at Wal-Mart, I bought the Casio EX-ZR100 specifically because of its high speed video function. I put together some videos and put them on YouTube, but always felt that the Casio, while a good camera for the price, just wasn't good enough to do what I wanted to do.

A friend told me about the Chronos a year or so ago, don't remember exactly when. They were in on the Kickstarter, but I didn't have the money at that time to toss at something like that, though I found it quite interesting.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago, he showed some friends and I that he had gotten with his Chronos.. I checked the site here and pulled the trigger on ordering one.

What do I plan to do with mine?

I'll be doing high-speed video of gun stuff of my own, both shooting and things being shot. There are some questions that I have about some of the PD .410 shotshell loads, among other things.

I have a couple gunsmith friends who I will do high-speed stuff for, troubleshooting guns, in exchange for the stuff they do for me.

I'll go to the RC plane/helo club and whatever other event is going on where high-speed video of someones stuff might be wanted. (The RC helo pilots will be ALL OVER this.) This will be good practice for me. Don't plan on charging people, but I'll take donations and reserve the right to put the video on YouTube.

There is a big university in town. Once I get some experience and word gets around a bit, I could help with or rent out the camera to them. I will obviously need to have some sort of contract demanding full replacement costs if the camera gets damaged. Has anyone written something up like that for their own use of the camera?

I'm not planning on making super amounts of money. Just looking to get some experience with the camera, a variety of footage, and help offset some of the cost of the camera.

So, here are some of the videos I have done with my Casio. Mini 14 High Speed Ruger GSR Rapid Fire and High Speed Ruger PC-40 High Speed Video M-11 submachine gun with LAGE MAX-31 9mm Suomi upper. Function test. HD and High-Speed Swiss Schmidt Rubin Model M1911 HD and 240 fps Slide Fire AR-15 Stock - 240fps Pallet Bonfire Side View - 240 fps Pallet Bonfire - 240 fps