If Interchangeable Lens Mounts for the Chronos where Available, Which Mount would you be Interrested in? (you can vote multiple Mounts if you want)

MFT-Mount / M3/4 / Micro-Four-Thirds
9 (25%)
Nikon F-Mount
7 (19.4%)
Canon EF-Mount
5 (13.9%)
Arri PL-Mount
2 (5.6%)
Sony E-Mount
3 (8.3%)
Arri STD-Mount
1 (2.8%)
1 (2.8%)
T2 (Tamron Adaptall)
0 (0%)
B4 (ENG-Style Lenses, mainly interresting for the 1.4 as very Fast High-Quality zooms are available)
1 (2.8%)
Leica M-Mount
0 (0%)
Fujifilm X-Mount
0 (0%)
1 (2.8%)
C-Mount (for Lenses which wont fit with an CS- to C-Mount Spacer and need an "Native" C-Mount to work)
2 (5.6%)
0 (0%)
Pentax K-Mount
1 (2.8%)
Olympus OM-Mount
1 (2.8%)
Sony A-Mount / Minolta
0 (0%)
Canon FD
2 (5.6%)

Total Members Voted: 10

Author Topic: Poll - Please Vote: Which Lens Mounts do you want for the Chronos?  (Read 811 times)


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In Response to the very recent Discussion about Interchangeable Lens Mounts over at
 I have the Honor to Make the First ever Poll on this forum.
 This Poll will help a lot to figure out how the Interrest in different Lens Mounts for the Chronos are Distributed, to focus on the most wanted / needed ones.
 Dont yet know how Polls work exactly, since it is the First one here; but everyone should be able to vote as many Lens Mounts as he wants, which he is interrested in or which he wants to be available.
 Feel Free to also leave a vote if you dont yet have a Chronos, but are generally interrested in the Camera and alike!
 If I missed an Important Lens Mount, please Comment below!
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