Author Topic: Will there ever be a 100,000 FPS version again?  (Read 3640 times)


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Re: Will there ever be a 100,000 FPS version again?
« Reply #15 on: July 30, 2021, 06:38:51 PM »
Actually, I spoke a little too soon... while that does change the resolutions setting in the drop-down, it's not that simple unfortunately and it looks like it breaks the black calibration process.  I'll poke around a bit with this to see if I can find something that works reliably as it would be really nice to be able to change those default settings.

OK... one more update... good news this time.  It's actually the changes that I made to the file to attempt the 1.4 changes on the 2.1 that broke the black calibration.  So, yeah, don't do that :)

BUT, it looks like changing the "resolutions" file in /var/camera works great.

I now have all my favorite custom resolutions (using 1920, 1472, 1152, and 832 horizontal resolutions) programmed into the drop down menu and they all auto-calibrated properly using the "Util->Factory->Black Calibrate All Resolutions" button.   This is a VERY nice feature and worth the effort of going through Sanjay's steps IMHO.

I would recommend using a backup microSD card though in case something gets messed up.


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Re: Will there ever be a 100,000 FPS version again?
« Reply #16 on: August 20, 2021, 01:13:22 PM »
I can confirm that those changes alone aren't enough to get faster speeds on the 2.1.  I have a feeling there are potentially changes in the sensor files that might do it, but I haven't played around more than to confirm that these changes aren't enough.  Maybe Sanjay can help point us in the right direction to play around with???  :)  I think there may be gain settings that help the issue with lower resolutions as well, but that will also take more exploring and it'd really be nice to have the full data sheet before messing around with that.

One thing I did find, which is pretty awesome, is the location to change the default resolution settings that show up in the drop down menu.

If you follow all of the steps Sanjay outlined above, you can just:

cd /var/camera

and edit the plain text file called "resolutions"

You don't even need to rebuild or re-install as that file is dynamically read when you go to the Record Settings page.  Nice!!
Sorry for the late Reply, but as far as i understand what you are saying in those last three posts, is that at least setting/changing those Preset Resolutions in the Drop-Down list are easy to do with this method, which is great.
 Wanted to have a way to change them in the Firmware since a while, and also think i wrote that on the Forum before somewhere (not sure tho) already. While this is a little more work for the user than if you could just do that via the UI itself, its nice, to know, that there is now a way to do that at least for those that want to.
 For me it will probably be a bunch of Framerate-Options at 1080p/720p HD Resoutions, which i often find myself using, and while i am at it, maybe also add at least some of your custom Resolutions for maximizing Gigapixel Throughput, in case i need them at some point.
 Regards the described Mod not working for the 2.1, i kind of expected that, as i wrote in my reply, because these Changes that are made here, seem Sensor-Specific, so, even if everything else would be the Same, i would assume that i would at least have to change the Sensor Name to (would have to look the 2.1 Sensor Name/ model number up...) for the 2.1 for this to work.
 However, did you already get the Full Datasheet/ any Updates on that yet?
 And Yes, i fully agree on that, anyone using that Mod should do that on a Spare/ Backup OS microSD card, so in case you mess up somehow, you can still use your Camera.
 Will do the Same thing, but i am currently out of empty/ Spare Cards, and ordered a bunch more for stuff like that (i like to keep a bunch of old versions and the Current one around installed on its own card each, so all of them are full right now).
 Thanks for testing and Posting that anyways!
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