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Hey Everyone,

We're happy to announce a new release of software for both the Chronos 1.4 and Chronos 2.1 cameras. This version will benefit owners of both models, as we have improved save speeds and reliability, as well as image quality on the 2.1.

We spent more time setting up image validation tests, and working with some of our users in the field to determine ideal settings for the Chronos 2.1 image sensor, so we hope the benefit is extended to you in this update.

Additionally, the Network Update option is available again, so this should be a fast and easy update for anyone on version 0.6.x. If you perform an update by connecting your camera to the internet via the Ethernet port, and then accessing the Network Update feature accessible through Util -> Storage -> Apply Software Update -> Check for Updates, you will not need to re-calibrate your camera to continue using it as long as you were previously on 0.6.x. You may still use the Network Update function to upgrade from 0.4 or 0.5, but please see the Calibration section of the Release Notes to verify correct re-calibration after the update.

I'll summarize the improvements and changes here, but please also see the official Release Notes here:

New Features and Improvements

Save Performance and Reliability:

* Save speed has been increased by up to 30%.
* Stability while saving has been greatly improved.
Trigger/IO Settings:

* Clarified some settings with "toggle" mode on the Trigger/IO screen. Now it
specifies that it's only for buttons/switches and settings that should not be
changed can't be changed when using this trigger function.
* Trigger/IO screen now has a link to the trigger delay screen, and it will offer a
reminder when using triggers if the trigger delay is changed from default (in
case it was set accidentally).
Webpage Improvements:

* Webpage has “zero-time” black calibration support (accessible from the menu
at the top of the page). This feature allows for a fast black calibration to take
place without the need to physically cover the image sensor.
* Option for 'Digital Gain' added to the Main Screen / Homepage.
* Some Chronos 2.1 color matrix options added to the webpage (for that camera).
Misc. Bug Fixes:

* ‘Black Cal All’ doesn't crash the camera if certain specific trigger modes are
used, nor will it set the trigger delay.
* H.264 (mp4) files will not overwrite a previous file if a filename is provided
(instead, it gives a warning that the filename was already used).

Chronos 2.1 Image Quality:

* A previous software upgrade introduced a horizontal "shadow" when some
areas were overexposed. This has been greatly reduced in v0.7.0.

* Pink/magenta shift (especially in bright areas) reduced overall.
CinemaDNG Metadata:

* All cameras formerly saved DNG images with metadata that indicated they
were Chronos 1.4s, but this has been fixed. Chronos 2.1 cameras now say
"Chronos 2.1" and Chronos 1.4 cameras still say "Chronos 1.4".
* Color matrix settings are saved to DNG images now. Before, color matrix
parameters in DNG files were always the same and ignored the camera's
settings, but now the settings on the camera get saved in DNG files.

Known Issues, Updating Your Camera, and Calibration:
Please see the list attached in the Release Notes.

Updated User Manual and Datasheets
Please see either the 1.4 Resources or 2.1 Resources page on our website:

As always, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] for more urgent support inquiries. Thanks!

With the stability apparently bneing fixes, I'm going to upgrade to 0.7 from 0.5 soon.

By the way: The PDF Release Notes state version 0.6 in the upper left ;)

Well, i am still out of Empty µSD-Cards, now i actually need to go and get some for this.
 I did order some, but they still didn't arrive yet...  Also a bit short on time currently, but will for sure install it as soon as i can.
 Thanks as always for further improving Camera and Software!

Thanks sanjay !!!

Do you have any backlog of things to work on? So we can have an idea what's on the pipeline, softwarewise?

Thanks, a great step to increase the picture quality at lower resolutions!!


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