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Raising a glass to David and the successful shipping of his camera

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Recorded at 1,700FPS, playback at 60 (28x slowed)
Lit with a Stratus LED module:
Using a cheap lens:

Pretty cool video, hurray for David for bringing his creation to life and a real professional high-speed product to market!

Lots of work was behind it :P

Looks great Critters! Thanks for pointing out those LEDs, I didn't know those existed. Are they very loud?

They are loud, I wouldn't say "very". Using a DB app on my iPhone my background noise (light off) was 44dB and 1ft away from the light when it was on was 59dB

There is a slight flicker, at max FPS (21.65k) it dims every other frame. You can't see it if you playback at 60fps or capture at a lower rate
You can power it with a battery and chain them together which is pretty cool, i'm using an AC power supply he provided


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