Author Topic: Only seeing green lines across all of the screen  (Read 12686 times)


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Only seeing green lines across all of the screen
« on: January 29, 2023, 02:58:29 PM »
It may be too much information but I'm going to be as detailed as possible to help understand the issue. So I used my camera today and everything went fine. I recorded something, safely removed the SD, and turned it off. When I picked it up an hour later and turned it on to film again and in 1000fps green lines appeared everywhere. Similar to Focus Aid but regardless of what I did, they stayed. I turned it off, turned it back on and same issue. I then changed the fps to 1512 and the problem was gone. Shot with it for a while and recorded successfully then switched back to 1000fps and the problem was still there. I turned it back off and on again and still the green line issue but now it's all green lines (or kinda like the Matrix 101010110s haha) and I can't see through the lens. What is happening!?


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Re: Only seeing green lines across all of the screen
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2023, 04:52:21 AM »

This is the expected behavior when you mistakenly took the green pill instead of the white  ;D
you should have think twice and now you are under the matrix trap :D  :D

well, to get out of the Matrix I would suggest you try to Calibrate the sensor for that particular image resolution / FPS.
if you are not comfortable with this process, look into the manual, it is very easy and I think might be done on a routine.
noise on the sensor is sensitive to temperature, temperature changes, seasons changes, the space weather and the conditions in the matrix :D

Grin apart, yes I dont know why the calibration is unstable sometimes with the Chronos, but sh** happens, noise increase with sensor temperature, that is true, so when the sensor gets hot, I would say at working temperature, then do you sensor calibration for the particular FPS / resolution you are in.

you may start again a new calibration if temperature conditions change, like in hotter ambiant temperatures, or if temps. are really colder.
cold ambiant temp. will have only a slight influence on the camera sensor final temperature, I believe so, because as long as the sensor gets current, it simply heat up. and heat=noise in the camera sensor math. 

Calibration will do many things on the sensor, vertical debanding, denoising with dark noise image substraction, etc. and at last will -hopefully- take you out of the Wrong MAtrix :)

Let us know how it goes, hopefully this is not something else.

Regards !