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mount smb folder from python API


Hi all,
I can access a smb folder through webpage (ethernet) or from the camera. The, the API (connecting through usb) recognize it in the "media" folder so I can use it to save there.
However, I would like to set it up (ip address, folder, username and password) directly from the python API as I need to have the API though USB and the ethernet connection (for smb storage) in two separated computer, thus making this process more automatic.


Make sure you have the required libraries installed in your Python environment. You can use the smbprotocol library to interact with SMB shares. You can install it using pip:
pip install smbprotocol

In your Python script, import the necessary modules from the smbprotocol library:
from smbprotocol.connection import Connection
from smbprotocol.session import Session
from smbprotocol.tree import Tree

Create a function to set up the SMB connection using the provided IP address, folder, username, and password:
def setup_smb_connection(ip_address, folder, username, password):
connection = Connection()
session = Session()
session.connect(connection, ip_address, username, password)
tree = Tree()
tree.connect(session, folder)
return connection, tree

Once you have established the SMB connection, you can use it to save data to the SMB share. For example:
def save_data_to_smb(tree, data):
with tree.open_file("filename.txt", "w") as file:

Call the setup_smb_connection function to establish the SMB connection and then use the save_data_to_smb function to save your data to the SMB share.

Here's an example of how you might use these functions:
ip_address = "your_smb_server_ip"
folder = "your_smb_share"
username = "your_username"
password = "your_password"

connection, tree = setup_smb_connection(ip_address, folder, username, password)
data_to_save = "Hello, SMB World!"
save_data_to_smb(tree, data_to_save)
Close the connection when done


Additionally, if you're looking for the 'b2b API meaning,' it typically refers to Business-to-Business Application Programming Interface (B2B API), which allows different businesses or organizations to interact and exchange data through API calls, enabling seamless integration and communication between their systems.


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