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Pre trigger
« on: September 21, 2022, 01:25:22 AM »
Hello everyone,
We just purchased  Chronos 1.4 to our company and I am real noobie, so forgive me to ask obvious questions.
We would like to achieve to film electrical discharges which are initiated by our control system, so we know when it happen, the discharge last maximum few microseconds, so ideally we would like to have video which real time duration will be around 100 or 200 millisecond, just to spare some storage place, as we are going to film hundreds of discharges.
I would like to achieve to start recording some time before the discharge e.g. 100ms and stop after some time e.g. 100ms after the discharge. the signal about the discharge initiation is connected to IO1 (BNC) trigger and I was hoping that thanks to cyclic buffer recording  and setting the pre-trigger and post-trigger frames would do the thing, but by setting IO1 to trigger does nothing, it does not even start the recording.
I was only able to achieve start of the recording by setting the IO1 to "start recording event", then I have set the IO1 to delay block and then I have set the delay block to "end recording" event, but in this case my recording started when the spark was initiated, which did not captured events happening before the discharge.

Is there such functionality which lets camera record to cyclic memory and save recording only few ms before  and after a trigger signal is detected?