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Any Progress, ETA, for the next FW Update release ? + Some improvement hopes


Hello Dear DevOps of this fantastic Gem, (I am on a Chronos 2.1)

It's been a while now, since the latest FW was out.
I feel so exited about the next promising new features and improvements.  :)

May you please share Any Progress, ETA, for the next FW Update release ?

For my personal expectations, as said in my previous post on this forum, among others improvements,
I hope for some way to have an optionnal setting to dim lights :

* Dim the LCD screen light output, have at least a setting to dim it or even switch it off
* Dim the leds as well, power and record leds
* Being able to make the Menu Band Toggle dissapear i.e. 3 quick press on the wheel or 3 tap the screen
The above may sound stupid to some, but here is my use case :

I am shooting storm lighnings, and particularly at night, the menu band, and the leds are so bright, they are blinding  8) and disturbing the visual observation when Chronos is hand held. I have already framed my subject and focus, so actually I dont need the screen full brighness disconfort or even can have it off while waiting the actual lighning strike.

This Feature improvement - Dimming the full screen or even turning it off totally while waiting for a Lightning strike -, would as well help quite a bit I guess on the Battery saving, for longer shooting sessions while on the go.

Toggling the VERY BRIGHT menu bar off would as well stop the blinding light disturbing the observation on night  sessions.
Best of World, would be to have a way to set the LCD light output level, from Zero to max.

Actually, a two tap on the screen toggle on-off the ZOOM,
so why not, having something like a 3 tap to toggle the LCD, or to toggle the menu band individually or both, on-off ?
these will Greatly improve confort at night, and help some battery savings.

Even the leds only are much too bright at night, I guess implementing a way to dim them would be kind of easy to do. (?)

 I dream to see these improvements, among others, being implemented in a future release.
how do you find it interresting ?

Thank You in advance,

 Kind Regards and happy shootings to all !

If you can connect to the camera's web API, there's a "backlightEnabled" and "cameraTallyMode" setting you can toggle.

I believe the backlightEnabled setting will cut the power to the LCD, however the touch screen is still active.

Setting the tally to "off" will prevent the bright red recording LED from illuminating, however the power/charging LED will persist.

Hello and thank you for your reply (Thumb Up), and for sharing this trick,

actually I have never used the Chronos Web API, Web interface of the Chronos, I will sure give it a try.

Nevertheless, I still hope and wait for the next upgrade to offer this functionality directly from the Chronos Body, from the touchscreen menu.

if it is available in the web API, it should be easy to the dev. team to add a new menu item to implement this improvement, allowing to toggle easily between active and inactive (dark) screen while on the wild, without the need to connect to a web browser.

BTW, either by a menu, but even better together with a hardware toggle, even if I guess this HW toggle would be a bit more tricky to implement.

But like, 3 jog press in less than 1 second, you blank the screen and led, call this Night Mode, and in that state, the next 3 jog press in a second or 2, you pop up the screen ON.

This will need to add a watchdog for the 3x jog keypress, so to me, it looks as a rather simple but great improvement to implement.

so let's hope for it, very soon hopefully, + more more goodies / improvements

Thanks and KR

The web interface doesn't provide buttons for toggling the backlight or camera tally mode, however it's easy to control through a command line terminal by copying in any of the following commands:

Disable Backlight

--- Code: ---curl '' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{"backlightEnabled": false}'
--- End code ---

Enable Backlight

--- Code: ---curl '' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{"backlightEnabled": true}'
--- End code ---

Disable Recording LEDs

--- Code: ---curl '' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{"cameraTallyMode": "off"}'
--- End code ---

Restore Recording LEDs

--- Code: ---curl '' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{"cameraTallyMode": "auto"}'
--- End code ---

Both settings will restore to the factory defaults when you reboot the camera.

Note that the above assumes your computer is on the same network as your camera, and the camera is using its default IP address of However you can confirm your camera's IP address in the network settings menu. If your computer is directly connected to the camera's micro USB port, replace the IP address with


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