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Problems with Save
« on: November 01, 2022, 05:53:46 PM »
Has anyone else been having problems with "Save" on the 2.1. I spent the whole day setting  up an experiment that uses expensive reagants.  Video proceeded just fine, but when I tried to Save the clip to the USB drive plugged into the camera, the camera just kept trying to save the entire clip over and over again (from beginning to end even though I specified a small number of frames to be saved). All buttons to abort the save or even move to another page on the screen were grayed out.  Ultimately I had to reboot the camera. There was a file saved on the USB stick but it could not be opened by at least five different software programs that I tried.

This has happened more than once and is costing me a lot of money because of wasted chemicals.  Also, why doesn't the 2.1 save the last video clip in memory?  That way at least if I have to reboot the camera, I can try again to save the clip.  Maybe I'm missing something but I can't find a setting that allows me to save the last clip in RAM.


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Re: Problems with Save
« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2022, 08:53:35 PM »
There is some kind of bug, where the Camera obviously has a Problem starting and ending the Save of some specified Sequence of Frames EXACTLY (especially for a very small number of single Frames), posted about that at least two times, but currently can only find this one:
 What exactly is the Problem here inside of the underlying Software, that makes this happen is not known, at least to me.
 While i never had it actually Lock up / crash from saving, its not too far of a Stretch that this could somehow also be a very related issue.
 As Far as Preserving Footage stored in RAM goes, well, that is the Whole Point of RAM / A Restart of the Device / Just how Computers work.
 RAM is usually (as is the Case in the Chronos) Non-Permanent Memory. Meaning a Full / Hard Restart of the Device will Clear the Memory, as it First Fully Powers down, then looses anything stored in RAM, Then Boots up again.
 There Really is no way to avoid that. Thats why we even have to Save to Permanent Storage, else you could just leave the Footage in RAM, Power it down, download it some time Later to the PC directly.
 Regards Loosing Footage however, there is a way to avoid that. Also asked Krontech once, some Time ago, how to prevent loss of footage, as i also had the Camera Crash on me (for me not WHILE saving, but after Recording, when just reviewing Footage or Scrolling around in the Playback, or when Plugging in / out an External HDMI Monitor. Mostly solved the Issue by always Plugging in HDMI after having fully booted the Camera and letting it sit for 1 to 5 Minutes, and only then Powering on the External Monitor. also by always starting the Save of the Footage ASAP after recording and not Playing around much in the Playback, also not changing the Rig while doing that (not plugging or unplugging anything while doing that, including Storage). Since doing that, it didnt happen much anymore, and if, usually after i was done Saving.).
They in turn Sent me detailed Instructions, on how to Recover Footage from RAM, even when the Camera has Crashed and you cant interact with it.
Its Possible, but you must not power the Camera down or Restart it. Has to Keep Running, then the Footage will stay in RAM. Camera Looses Power or gets restarted, and its gone forever.
I have personally never done that, as i usually shoot stuff in the Field (sometimes quite Literally in the Field or the Woods, would likely run out of Power on the Batteries trying to get to a PC in time, even if i tried), and have no PC on Hand to do that. Also most of my stuff, even if i am within Reach of a PC is either not all that important or usually Fairly easy to recreate (and mostly quicker to just reshoot, then to bother trying to recover it).
I still am Glad they Sent me the Instructions, and i will Keep them Around, in case i ever shoot something thats actually that Important or hard to re-do and i get a Crash, but for me that is usually not practical.
For you however, especially if there is a lot of cost involved when loosing Footage, it would probably make sense trying to recover the Footage. Try to get the Instructions for that from Krontech, and try it out before you rely on it, so you are sure it works.
If they dont answer in time for your Projects, write me back here, then i will try to dig up that mail, and send it to you myself.
Until then maybe try using another Storage Device, if it keeps happening often with that specific USB drive.
Maybe try an SD-Card or E-SATA Drive. Or an USB Stick of different Size / File System / Brand.