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Save RAW via Web interface
« on: February 16, 2022, 10:49:17 PM »

We use a set of Chronos 1.4s cameras in scientific research labs and are very happy. The way we use the camera requires us to do a RAW 12 bit binary save format of the entire camera RAM at once. I have two questions about features we really need in order to be able to use the cameras the way we want. I don't think these are too hard to implement and would be happy to help with beta testing.

Right now, the "Save Format" drop-down in the Chronos 1.4's web interface offers only H.264, CinemaDNG, TIFF, and TIFF RAW.  Is there any way we can add 12-bit and 16-bit binary RAW formats to the web interface? They're visible in the Save Settings menu on the Chronos touch screen, just not in the browser. I imagine this is a simple thing to fix? I would love to be able to save to NFS/SMB drive in 12 bit RAW via the web browser control without having to touch the camera at all.

Secondly, any plans for ExFAT support? If I want to dump the entire RAM of the camera into a single file, I can't use FAT32 due to the 4GB limit. Right now I am using an EXT3 formatted USB disk which works about half the time -- aborted saves can sometimes happen, often without a visible error message, and mounting the disk on Mac/Windows requires 3rd party software. ExFAT would really help. Would it be possible to build a kernel module that we can load in to enable it, even if it can't be baked into the system image if there are licensing issues?

Great work Krontech, keep it up!



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Re: Save RAW via Web interface
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2022, 11:05:20 AM »
I will attempt to reply as another scientific user of chronos camera.

Although I understand your points. And in the beginning, we have the same requirements. I must admit that the existing currently implemented workflow is much better than these possible improvements.

The requirement
I would love to be able to save to NFS/SMB drive in 12-bit RAW via the web browser control without having to touch the camera at all.
could be perfectly solved by using the camera REST API instead of the web interface. 
It solves also much more because there could be used specific name format, which precisely corresponds to the experiment.  Then allows for minimizing mistakes introduced by the operator.

The second requirement for exFAT support does not improve anything than the file size limit. There will be still many troubles with flash disk malfunction introduced by inappropriate filesystem for flash memory and poor performance of the old-fashioned filesystem. The NFS or SMB storage is the better option even from point of transfer speed, is faster than SDcard and only slightly slower than eSATA drive.