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North Idaho:
Looking at making or maybe buying a trigger for the camera. One thing I would like to film is lightning. And of course shooting various items.  So what are you guys using as triggers for such things?


What type of trigger are you looking for? Manual button, or something automatic? Triggering on lightning automatically would need a light/flash trigger most likely, anyone have suggestions for this? The camera will eventually be able to do this by itself by triggering on an image change, but that's some time off.

North Idaho:
Auto would be best. Sound and light for starters. Does the camera have a delay option for the trigger? If not the trigger would need this feature. Having a delay option can help in certain situations Since I only have 4 seconds of record time.


Yes, the delay is adjustable in camera.

What I have been recommending is the Micnova light, sound, and motion trigger.  There are other brands that share the same trigger housing but the electronics are not the same.  Contact me through and I can get you some links to the best outlets to purchase the trigger and the required items to go from 2.5m to BNC.


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